I've always had this feeling in my heart to get away as far as I could from where I was. I always wanted to be away from everything, not having to care for anything but myself. I often daydream of going away, of having a better life in a better place. I long for big... Continue Reading →


Wow! Did anyone realize we're only a couple of months away from the new year? Where did the previous months go? Didn't we just entered 2017 yesterday? For me - the first half of this year was a bit blurry, time just went by so fast I almost couldn't keep up. I seriously couldn't recall... Continue Reading →


I could say that I was pretty much in a relationship and it didn't work out well. It wasn't toxic or anything, it was a nice one I admit. But in time, I grew to realize that we were just.. not meant to be. I know you'd probably be wondering, how did I know that... Continue Reading →


I believe there is just so much our heart can hold, and mine is filled with thoughts - thoughts that I have been keeping, that I have been bottling up to the point that I could actually explode. I dedicate JoT; jar of thoughts, to be the place where I will transcribe my thoughts to... Continue Reading →

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